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Haphit is a fast-growing private limited company, specializes in innovative designing, high quality and high volume manufacturing, globally marketing on fiber optics and photonics products in application of fiber optical communication, laser technology, telecom instrument, medical sensing and military industry, etc., to provide high quality and high reliability products and customer oriented solutions.

With low-cost manufacturing facilities and innovative leading-edge technology, Haphit is aiming to provide a full range of fiber optics and photonics products to global customers. Specially we offer Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber components products, High Optical Power fiber components products and Pulse Optical Power fiber components and customer's oriented products and solutions to meet their special requirements and support them to be in the top of the industry.

Fiber Optics and Photonics Products from Haphit, E-Commerce business style, Mass low cost products and leading edge solutions, is what will make Haphit to be successful with our customers.

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