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Please enter following information to find your products:

*Please Select Product Category
Filter Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM)   Fused WDM   DWDM    CWDM 

WDM/Isolator Hybrid    WDM/Isolator/Tap Hybrid    WDM/Partial Mirror Hybrid
Bandpass Filter PM Bandpass Filter/Tap Hybrid Bandpass Filter/Isolator Hybrid

Bandpass Filter/Partial Mirror Hybrid    Multimode Pump Combiner

Pump Laser Protector   Optical Isolator   Tap/Isolator Hybrid  

Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter (PBC/PBS)    PBC-PBS/Isolator Hybrid 

Filter Coupler/Splitter    Fused Coupler/Splitter    PLC Splitter  

Optical Circulator       Faraday Mirror/Partial Reflective Faraday Mirror

Faraday Rotator   Fiber Mirror/Partial Reflective Fiber Mirror 

Inline Polarizer   Manual Variable Attenuator  Fixed Attenuator

Optical Switch      Fiber Collimator      Pigtailed PD/Tap PD

Fiber Patchcord/Adapter    Fiber Terminator     All Category

*Please Select Wavelength Range
1260-1610nm    1610-1790nm    1850-2100nm    1000-1260nm   

900-990nm    750-890nm    405-690nm  

*Please Select Fiber Type
Polarization Insensitive (PI) Singlemode (SM) Fiber & PI Large Mode Area (LMA) Fiber   

Polarization Maintaining (PM) Single Mode Fiber & PM LMA Fiber   

Multimode (MM) Fiber   

*Please Select Optical Power Level
Low Continuous Wave (CW) Optical Power (Typically<=300mW)

High CW Optical Power    Pulse Optical Power

                      Please enter keywords:

Fiber Type:

SM Fiber=PI Singlemode Fiber

PM Fiber=Polarization Maintaining SM Fiber

LMA Fiber=Large Mode Area Fiber

MM Fiber=Multimode Fiber

Optical Power:

Low CW Optical Power: Typically <=300mW

High CW Optical Power: 500mW-25W or higher

Pulse Optical Power: 0-25W Average Power
                              100W-50kW Peak Power



General Reference Information

ITU Wavelength Reference Table        Fiber Code      Color Code      Wavelength Code


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