1550nm High Power 3-port PM Optical Circulator with Both Axis Working

Haphit provides fiber based passive components. The Optical Circulator is made by micro-optics package technology with Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber in and PM fiber out. It features Wide Spectrum, high Wavelength Isolation and high Extinction Ratio. The Optical Circulator will transmit the signal in a circular route. The high power version is specially designed to withstand high CW Power while maintaining high performance and stability. Various wavelength range and fiber types are available, customized on wavelength range and consigned fiber type are also available on request.
Center Wavelength 1550nm
Insertion Loss <=1.2dB
Isolation >=20dB
Cross Talk >=45dB
Return Loss >=45dB
Extinction Ratio >=18dB
Fiber Type PM1550 Fiber or 10/125um PMDC Fiber
12/130um PMDC Fiber or 20/130um PMDC Fiber
25/250um PMDC Fiber or 25/300um PMDC Fiber
Max. Optical Power (CW) 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W, 10W
Operating Temperature 0~50degreeC
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